What is a Planned Purchase?

About one in three jewelry purchases is made on pure impulse. No planning at all. More than half of all jewelry purchases are for gifts usually made by a man to a woman. Many of those are intended to be a "surprise". The problem with impulsive purchases and surprise gifts is that, most of the time, we can buy better jewelry than we do.

There is no reason why we need to stifle the emotion of finding a jewelry piece to purchase and to cherish. Shopping for fine jewelry is one of life's most passionate experiences outside of love itself. The search should be enjoyed. The discovery should be embraced and savored. And all the moments of search and discovery should be shared.

A planned purchase is a series of significant personal decisions. A planned purchase begins with a fully intentioned decision to purchase a fine jewelry piece before seeing the piece itself. At FirstGem, a planned purchase means learning about you, your style, your preferences for gold and gemstones molded into a creation that can only belong to you.

If it is a gift, it will be an expression of love. If it is for yourself, it will be everything you intended.

What are the elements of these significant personal decisions?

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Planned Purchases

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