What are the Elements?

The first element to select is style. Style is determined by the shape, form, and color of gold and how gemstones are set into that precious metal. The common settings are prong, bar, channel, bezel, and pavé. These setting types are commonly used together in combinations on the same piece.

Style provides the visual statement about the adornment and expresses complexity or simplicity, tradition or modernity, professional or recreation, discipline or free spirit, glitz or subtlety, fashion or commemoration, normal daily routine or elegant evening bling.

The second element to select are the gemstones. In each piece there may be one single stone or an array of gemstones with some very prominent and supported in a background of lesser stones. With FirstGem, the authenticity of the gemstones is never in question.

The selection of the first element, style, determines the number, types, and shapes of gemstones required. That leaves you to decide color and quality. For more information about this, visit our Gem Facts pages.

The third element to specify is size. Our rings are made to fit a certain specified size. Many over the counter jewelry purchases (that is, buying what is found and not what you have specified) involve the resizing of a ring. Resizing is the distortion of the precious metal to accommodate the wearer's larger or smaller finger size. In many cases resizing works but can create a number of disappointing problems sooner and later if the distortion extends to the gemstone settings.

With the selection of style and gemstones and with the specification of proper size, it becomes possible to create a truly unique, individual, and prized jewelry piece of extraordinary quality and craftsmanship.

But this cannot be accomplished with any certainty without the fourth element: the special person for whom this fine quality piece of jewelry is created.

With each piece made to be unique, it is natural to wonder how long does it take?

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