How do I Begin?

If this is a gift, tell her that you want to buy her something nice, something very special. Tell her that you want her to help you find the right piece for her. She will love to have the opportunity to share this experience together.

If this is for yourself, just tell yourself that you deserve it!

If you need to work within a budget, set a limit to what you wish to spend. Let us know what amount is right for you. We will respect your sense of personal financial discipline and will attempt to assist you with a purchase that both exceeds your expectations and stays within your budget.

Generally, the pricing and quality of FirstGem fine jewelry compares quite favorably with other retail options. FirstGem price points range between low or moderate three figures and low or moderate four figures.

When you know how much you wish to spend and believe that you have an idea of what you might like to purchase, get in touch. I live and work in Marin County, California. If you are in the San Francisco-Marin County area, contact me for an appointment. I would love to help you with your FirstGem Planned Purchase.

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How do I begin?

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