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I believe that fine jewelry has an exquisite magic all its own. That is why I have dedicated my life to it. That is why my family has dedicated generations to the trade and the creation of fine jewelry.

Whether you are seeking your "first gem" or your next gem, I believe that there is no experience equal to the actual holding of a fine jewelry piece; Feeling its weight, its substance; Knowing its lustrous beauty in metal and stone in real light; Examining the quality and craftsmanship; Comparing all this feeling and experience to the last piece you held; And to the next piece you will want to hold.

I have worked with fine jewelry in the San Francisco-Marin County area for almost three decades. I have helped many people find the right piece of fine jewelry for themselves or for a loved one.

If you would like me to assist you, contact me for an appointment. I would love to help you with your FirstGem Planned Purchase. Inquiries from the trade are also welcome.

My Very Best Wishes,

Jenny Praditamas

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What is a Planned Purchase?
What is a Planned Purchase?

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